• The air con is leaking water, what's wrong with it?

    In most cases, due to the lack of servicing and maintenance, it causes blockage to the drainage pipe which leads to water leakage. General servicing should solve the problem.

  • Why is the air con timer or LED blinking and flashing?

    A protective device in the air con system has been activated to prevent further damage. This is to indicate that there’s a fault within the air con system. Thus, it will either switch on or off, or will continue to operate without supply of cold air. It is not advisable to do an electrical power reset as it might further damage the aircon system. Therefore, a certified technician is needed to check and repair the fault.

  • Why is the air con not cold?

    There are a few reason as to why the air con is not cold enough.
    Reason 1: Indoor air con is choked causing weak airflow
    Reason 2: Choking of outdoor condenser results in poor performance of overall system
    Reason 3: Air con might be low on gas
    Reason 4: Faults within air con system might causes malfunction of system
    Reason 5: Setting of high operating temperature or low fan speed may affect the performance of air con
    Reason 6: Under-sized air con installed
    If you are still unsure, you can either book an appointment or contact us at contactus@aiesg.com for more information.

  • I am unable to switch on the air con. Why is this so?

    One of the common reason is caused by a electrical trip or other electrical issues. Check your Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) if the power supply has tripped, engage a certified technician to check and repair the air con system, do not continue reset the breaker on your own as it might be hazardous.

  • How often should I service the air con?

    In general, residential air con should be serviced and inspected every 3 months while commercial and industrial air con should be serviced every month to ensure optimal working condition. However, do take note that the servicing interval varies depending on the different usage pattern and other environmental factors. Kindly seek the assessment of a qualified technician for a more accurate evaluation.

  • Is there anything that I can do to maintain my air con?

    For easy maintenance, take out the filters for a wash to help improve the air flow and coldness of the area. This should be done every two weeks.

  • Why is the air con emitting a bad odour?

    Bacteria and mould thrive in humid and dark environment, therefore the smell may be caused by bacteria and mould within the close casing go the air con unit. Chemical flushing and overhaul treatment is needed to kill and flush out bacteria and mould.

  • Why is the aircon producing noise?

    There may be a few reason behind it: Reason 1: Choking of air con results in loud vibration
    Reason 2: Motor bearing (indoor or outdoor) has wear off
    Reason 3: Loose casing, mounting or other component
    Reason 4: Cracked component within the air con such as fan blades, fan roller or gears to name a few
    Reason 5: Due to present of faulty parts within the system

  • Can the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) be repaired if it is faulty?

    Yes and no. In some cases, it can be repaired. We are one of the few companies in Singapore that is equipped with the knowledge and skills to repair faulty PCB. Replacing of PCB is less time consuming and costs higher. Thus, many companies tend to provide replacement service without taking into account if PCB is repairable or not.

  • Does your company provide modification of aircon for specific needs?

    Yes. We are also one of the few company in Singapore that is equipped with the knowledge and skills to reprogram the functions, efficiency, temperature of the aircon and other modifications needs. We are able to control the supply tempreture or a set and constant temperature for quality control purpose, fire safety purpose and other needs. Modification is usually done for commercial or industrial uses. However, we also welcome modification for residential purposes.