Are you paying for non-certified material and inexperience installer? 

Many homeowner and businesses are not aware of non-certified materials and (Made In China) electrical cable and among other inferior material used in their aircon installation. 

Such installation can lead to high cost of repair which may only surface a few years later, such as broken electrical cable, gas leakage, condensation, burnt cable, fire hazard and frequent water leakage issues. 

You can learn and see more about our high-quality, certified and air-craft grade material here.

Why you should be aware when engaging interior design company for aircon installation as part of your renovation package?

It's simple. Many have little knowledge or have no concern of the quality and type of material used for your aircon installation and claims that they use good quality material

Most aircon installation company engaged by the ID company use sub-standard material as there is a extremely low budget set by the interior company for aircon installation which leads to their sub-contractor using sub-standard material and inexperience installer for your installation

Our quality control, certified and aircraft grade material.

All the material use in our installation is strictly ordered from direct supplier to make sure it's authenticity. Through our 22 years of research and site testing, we have combined the most durable material type for the use in all of our installation. 

Why us? Good workmanship, everytime.

Many companies including offers you see in megastores rely on quick fixes for their installation team, such as hiring inexperience team to carry out their installation for them to meet the volume of sales, which very often, leads to poor workmanship and installation issues for the consumer.

Our installation team have a minimum 3 years of experience and training before they are scheduled to site for installation to ensure top quality workmanship is delivered, everytime. Best of all? A reasonable price for a long lasting system and top quality materials. 

  • Top quality workmanship and certified materials
  • BCA Certified Installer
  • bizSAFE3